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Here are some tips and trick to learning a language and gaining as much fluency as you can with (supposedly) minimal resources:

Listen to the news channel in the language you are trying to learn- thus combining your knowledge of events around the word with the practise of learning the language. One such example of an international news station being:Image result for euronews logo–  Get into a Spanish television series, or youtuber- this really enhances a more conversational aspect to the language, plus tests listening skills due to the idea youtubers in particular speak much faster than news presenters in general. For Spanish learners:

Image result for hola soy german logoReading news articles, magazines, or even popular books in the language you want to learn will enhance reading capabilities, as well as enable you to find synonyms and understand a more formal side to the desired language.

-HelloTalk- this is a language learning app much like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. You create a profile giving your native language, the language you want to learn and your current level. Then create a post asking if anyone would like to practise with you- anyone that does will message you directly. It is incredibly easy and there are many willing people willing and able to help.

Image result for hellotalk logo



Chapter Twenty Three: The Lovely Bones Analysis

As always, more essay-like analysis that was intended to be more like a few sentences…sorry. Only one more section after this chapter- ‘Bones’.


Continuation from previous chapter twenty two analysis. Click here.

~The Analysis (23)~

  • 312- “The smell of his mother’s baking had sneaked up the stairs and into Ray’s room where he and Ruth lay”- ‘sneaked’ creates a tender atmosphere, it didn’t take over the room, only came slowly and subtly into it. Homely atmosphere, as if the pair should feel at home where they are- at home together. Stereotypical mother- baking.
  • “A bit of moonlight feel across the floor from the window where I had…followed it….Ruth’s bag”- gothic motif- as if it were a supernatural signal, Susie communicating with him, telling him to read the journal. Spooky way to lead Ray to the book, signifies that what the book holds is equally as sinister and mysterious.
  • “…stared into the throats of the bright yellow flowers” 313- seems to be a recurring personification- describing nouns in the natural world to have throats, and (like the sink hole) perhaps stomachs too- as if they have their own personality, or are a full representation of something else that does (e.g. Susie)
  • “I knew they were meant to be there, the four of them together, alone” 314- sense of unity which juxtaposes the initial explosion of the family. Susie seems to be loosing her childish desires to be a part of the family, and instead is watching from the outside- accepting the family as a whole without her. Suggests she is growing mentally, even if not able to physically.
  • 314 “The cruelty was in his absence”- emphasises Ruana’s lonliness. She felt his absence was ‘cruel’ suggesting an almost physical pain from the emotion. The fact he was ‘ghost-like’ when he was there suggests a lack of connection between the two. There is no warmth and no emotion, just a suggestion of a being- shows Ruana seems emotionally deprived as well as just lonely.
  • Significance of the thought of divorce when cutting apples:
  • Apples and apple blossoms are ideal symbols of love, youth, beauty and happiness- everything Ruana once was but perhaps feels she no longer is- she desires appreciation and presence. She wants a new beginning.

  • “Her Abigail…her strange Abigail”- 316- nominations become more familiar- shows how the family is changing, becoming closer, more understanding. Throughout the novel there seems to be the message of overcoming the flaws of others, learning to love them (e.g. Jack learning to love Abigail’s weakness). Lynn has learned to love her ‘strange’ daughter. Susie appreciates her grandmother’s flaw as solely a quirk of her personality- “now I saw that drinking was a part of what made her who she was”
  • “He banged. And he banged and he banged and he banged” 317- repetition (onomatopoeic) emphasises the sheer level of noise- it seems as though the house is the loudest it has been in years- the most alive. The family us regaining life.
  • “…as if she were standing at the edge of the Pacific”- recurring motif of water and oceans- but this time the character is referred to as being on the edge of the ocean, not within it. Sense of regaining control- she is on the edge of wilderness but not wondering into it. Progress.
  • Significance of Susie’s room being ‘lavender’ which matches the colour Harvey’s house was repainted after he moved out?- as if Susie is encapsulating him now just as she did his house (in a manner of speaking)?
  • 318 “wildlife photographer, had captured a woman”- strange that Susie would refer to her mother as ‘a’ woman (indefinite article)- shows an appreciation for the side of her mother that she didn’t know, or never got to understand. Shows that she accepts this fact, that she still doesn’t really know her mother.
  • “Her mother was solid if she was drunk, solid if she was vein”- again, shows an acceptance for the flaws of others. Accepting what she can’t change, and can’t run away from.
  • “Spotting a man through the window…”‘It’s Ray…'”- shows a definite development- Ray has gone form boy to man, Ruth from a ‘girl haunted’ to a ‘woman’. Emphasises Bildungsroman nature of novel.


Chapter Twenty-one: The Lovely Bones Analysis

And more still- more analysis of Sebold’s The Lovely Bones as a continuation from before the fashion posts… click here for previous chapters. The content for 20 is being used elsewhere.

~The Analysis (21)~

  • 283 “I counted the lashes of each closed eye”- emphasises Susie’s seeming abundance of time in heaven- the absolute lack of stress, lack of worry, lack of responsibility. The traits of heaven seem to be typical- they are also what all of the other characters seem to desire- freedom, no responsibility.
  • “I would not be good enough to match …those I read in Seventeen and Glamour and Vogue” 284- emphasises the effects of these magazines on a young girl- references Sebold’s view of their negative impact on teenagers, feeling as if they will never be good enough to match the glitz and glamour of Vogue. Also emphasises Susie’s naivety- as if what she reads in magazines represent reality, or the way her life should be lived. Almost as if these magazines were her bible.
  • “My first kiss came from a grown man. A father of a friend” (Lynn)- this is equally shocking and not at the same time- not, because Sebold has expressed Lynn’s spontaneity previously, and shocking because of the situation itself. Relevant that her first kiss wasn’t a shared or equal experience. It was special for her (he was the first man she’d kissed) but for him she was just another kiss. No indication that he meant anything to her. Perhaps he took advantage. Sense of vulnerability about Lynn. Gullible and needy just like Susie. “You’re not going to tell on me, are you?”- Lynn suddenly reverts to the childlike person she is presented to me.
  • 286 “happy + frightened = churned” – Susie explaining her feelings in the moment she kissed Ray as a mathematical expression. This shows how almost illogical the moment was for her, it emphasises how she had never done it before- as if she needed to draft an equation in order to be able to understand the components and the outcome.
  • “some poor sap’s car is going to fall into it all over again”-subtle indication that Harvey will kill someone the same way he killed Susie again?
  • “Concrete fills the throat and grout fills the cracks” 286- personification of ‘throat’ again to make the filling of the sink hole sound almost murderous- as if by covering the hole they are concealing a life- which fits with what they will effectively be doing if they knew Susie was buried there.
  • “These animals smelled the brokenness in him- the human defect- and stayed away” (talking of Ellis and his lack of recovery to being called an animal killer)- he is trapped by no physical boundaries, only his emotions- links to the idea all character are trapped in some way by something in the novel.
  • “She was holding my father’s hand. I suddenly felt terribly lonely”-  289- Susie’s childlike selfishness resurfaces again- like before asserting the fact that she will never grow up.
  • “Abbie”- 289- one of the only times Jack uses the colloquial nomination for his wife- as if the death is finally turning the family around- it had to go from good, to bad, to better. The connections are tightening.
  • 290 “We found it near a grave” (referencing the charm of Susie’s found by someone supposedly NOT CONNECTED TO LEN OR THE POLICE earlier)- the fact he used the pronoun “we” to take responsibility for the work of someone else shows his saddening desperation- he needs to steal (metaphorically) of others in order to feel achieved in his current life.
  • “My parents were suddenly still for a moment- like  animals trapped in ice”- emphasises how they had frozen in the moment, time had stopped an ceased to continue. Emphasises their shock at the word “grave” and the mistaken indication that it could be Susie’s. Almost gives the reader time to realise what has been said- since perhaps they may not have understood the first time or realised the significance of Len’s words, just like Len didn’t.
  • “Open it, Abbie”- second colloquial nomination from Jack- sense of permanence about their new relationship, closeness.
  • “A tiny ember of gold in my father’s palm” 291- this was one of the only things the father had left of his dead daughter in the world- taken literally without reference to the material, it was literally ‘ a tiny ember of gold’ for him- signifying how immense the value of such a small object was to a grieving father.
  • “Frankenstein’s monster on wheels”- Susie’s childlike descriptions of everyday objects emphasise her eternal life as a child. Emphasises how she never obtained the experience to be able to expand on her descriptions. This is the stage in life at which she remains.
  • 292 “He cut himself with the pen knife along the back of his hand” “it was an accident”- shows how young Harvey knew what he was doing wasn’t an accident although he convinced himself to see it that way. Seems to have no regard for pain or suffering (since he supposedly didn’t bother to clean or cover his own cut or his father may not have noticed it so easily). Shows how Harvey had trained himself to excuse his actions as accidental even though it didn’t make sense- it was a theory by which he lived his life.
  • “How long it would take before he began to remember me”- childlike eagerness. Shows her eternal position as a child.
  • “It’s spooky around here, Ruth’ Ray said”- as if he could sense the presence of the dead also. 293
  • “cocoa-coloured flesh” “soft and convex”- personifying the hole to make it seem as if it literally ‘ate Susie'(with references to throat and stomach)- not a glamourous way to die. As if the sink hole has its own personality, and it’s own identity, with which it swallowed Susie.
  • 294 “There was a whole village inside the earth that no one knew about”- this is the village that Susie went to when she herself was inside the hole- heaven. The only difference being heaven is thought to be at a height, not below.
  • “Ruthie”- shows progression of their relationship- the fondness that developed with time.
  • “The earth’s throat burps”- continual personification- as if it has digested something….SUSIE.
  • “Awkward plaid skirt” “covered in Holiday’s fur”- 295- shows how he found her flaws attractive- the most genuine type of love, makes Susie’s tragic death seem even more saddening
  • “the house that would soon be demolished”- links to development, things are physically changing, life is moving on.
  • “Don’t you want anything Susie?” 295 – use of “anything” suggests Ruth thinks Susie currently doesn’t want anything, when in reality it is obvious what Susie desires- life, Ray, the ability to grow up. But Susie knows she cant have these things, and perhaps so does Ruth- prompting Susie to think about what she wants from heaven, what she can actually have.
  • 296- “simple but elegant clothes she might convince my mother to wear”- almost Lynn defining Abigail- she is simple but elegant. Too simple, perhaps, to cope with the death of her daughter.
  • 196 “Past caring who spotted him”- first real piece of evidence that signified Harvey’s degradation as a person- he used to do all possible to avoid getting caught and now he is almost presenting himself to the neighbourhood.
  • “A neighbourhood of potential victims”-297- the world ‘potential’ signifies a change. As if they could be Harvey’s future victims, not would be. Sense that Harvey is changing, he will not definitely kill these children, but he could.
  • “The new owners painted it a lavender mauve”- symbolism- motherly colour, other symbolism:
  • Variations of purple convey different meanings: Light purples are light-hearted, floral, and romantic. The dark shades are more intellectual and dignified.The negative meanings of purple are decadence, conceit, and pomposity. Purple is also a colour of mourning.-As if the house can now mourn for the loss of life in Harvey’s presence.


  • “The queasy kick of an empty room”- sense of haunting- a mother’s instinct- she is a mother herself, hence she can sense the death in Harvey
  • 298 “He had chosen to tell the truth”- evidence Harvey is changing- accepting a moment in his life that is not made up
  • Significance of Ruana’s flower being the periwinkle:
  • Periwinkle: benevolence, charms from the heart, gifts that delight the spirit. Also speaks the honour of freedom to be yourself, and allow those you love to do the same- STRONG SENSE OF FREEDOM.

  • Significant how thinking of how he killed Susie brought back memories of Harvey’s mother, and the charm- did the father kill Harvey’s mother in the same way? Is this why Susie is so connected to Harvey? He was reliving the death of his mother, but this time he was in control.


Chapter Sixteen: The Lovely Bones Analysis

More incredibly over-analysed quotes from Sebold’s The Lovely Bones…see other chapters in previous blogs.

~The Analysis (16)~

  • The most immediate aspect of the chapter that strikes me as interesting is the similarities between Abigail and Ruana- both use distractions to keep themselves from thinking about all they have lost- for Abigail her life before motherhood, now her daughter, for Ruana her husband, and her freedom.
  • 201 “He wore his glasses” “they were thick” “his hand went up immediately to collect them” – again evokes the impression of not being able to be who you really are- he doesn’t want to be seen to be wearing his glasses.
  • 204 “There was something on the other side of the icy surface” – as if her gradual loss of motherhood had left her with something ‘cold’, almost as if she didn’t have a personality outside of motherhood, her gradual reduction was leaving her personality-less. She had been so consumed by motherhood she had nothing to replace it. May seem strange that her maternal instincts could ever allow her to be ‘icy’ towards her own daughter- especially one who has lost her sister.
  • “Our house looked the same as every other…but it was not the same…murder had a blood red door” 206- as if the murder had given them identity.
  • 207 “I want to be more than a mother” …”wanted to be more than a girl”- desire to always be what you cannot, greedy desire when Susie will never get that choice. Links to mother’s desire to be “free girl again”- Susie has exactly what her mother wants- Susie will never grow up, yet, as expected, she is unhappy with this.
  • “she comes and she talks to me (Buckley) 208- Sebold still retaining the idea Susie exists among the living.
  • “I was becoming one of the many little-girl-losts” 209- idea of insignificance, as if she would just fade away into a list of names for the dead. Implies there will be more like Susie, and the same would happen for them. A vicious cycle.
  • 210 “You’re going to catch your death of cold” – ironic since she was killed in what could be considered outside, yet it was not the cold that killed her.
  • 211 “you look invincible”…”I am”- ironic since she was killed at such a young age, yet it could be said she never really died, since she continued to live in a different state in a different life up in heaven.



Whatever the teachers say, learning a language is difficult. I have been learning Spanish for three years at school. I have an A* in Spanish GCSE. I am predicated an A* at A level. I have had teachers breathing down my neck for a third of a decade…and guess what? I’m was not even partially fluent.

Now, however, I realise: teachers can’t teach the language. I do not mean this as brutally and heartlessly as it sounds. Try this: solely drowning in exercise books and worksheets WILL NEVER ENABLE YOU TO BE FLUENT. Solely learning grammar, phrases, tenses…this will make for a very robotic type of fluent.

There are some EXTRAODRINARILY simple ways to become better at your desired language. And guess what? Learning in the following ways will take less time, less effort (due to the passive nature of the tasks), and lead you leaps and bounds on your way to fluency. So try this:

  1. Watch films in the language you want to learn. Getting utterly engrossed in the plot means you m at not even realise the words you pick up. Also hearing the language at its natural pace means you will not be so flabbergasted at the pace of speech in reality.

  2. Watch TV shows. Chose those that you are interested in- watch documentaries to perhaps link your interests and learning with your other subjects or hobbies.

  3. Go onto YouTube. Search for complications, funny videos, snippets from films in the language you want to learn. It’s all about passive learning, and enabling just a little fun in all that is heavy within learning a language.

  4. Read the newspaper. Learn about current affairs as well as the construction of the language; it’s a two for the price of one.

  5. Read magazines. Television guides, for example. Some use these daily- read it in another language, since you will already have an understanding of the context.

  6. Find a foreign music artist. Many have been quoted to say music is a real motivational factor when learning a language. And when so many of us have a smart phone it is easy: download Spotify, search for an artist, put them on repeat.

  7. ESCUCHAR, ESCUCHAR, Y ESCUCHAR! (Or listen, listen, and listen, for you non-Spanish speakers). This I believe to be the best tip- it interlinks numerous of the tips above but the concept is simple: LISTEN TO THE LANGUAGE. It’s simple. Focus on the words. Take in the pace. Another key point: don’t panic if the words seem to roll straight of their tongue and away from your ears. You will not learn the language in a week. Fluency may not come in a year, but what is worth doing is worth doing properly.

So listen to music, watch to videos on YouTube, listen to foreign news channels, turn your settings on your phone into your desired language, read magazines and fliers, turn your internet settings into a different language and have a look around for something you want. Try and integrate your learning into your daily life in a way that is fun, hence learning the language will not seem like such a mind field.

Credit to Learn Real Spanish- a few hours prior to writing this post I was heavily influenced by his tips. The moto ‘escuchar, escuchar, y escuchar’ originated from his videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE WITH A DESIRE TO LEARN SPANISH.

Click here for the website.

Click here for the YouTube Channel.

Another beneficial site for those learning a language is Yabla. Specalist language: Spanish. Link here.

Liebster awards|BLOG TEAM UP


So about three and a quarter billion years ago (a month…literally 30 days) The Girl On The Bench nominated this swanky junior account to take part in ‘The Liebster Awards’. Sounds flash right? I cannot even physically say the damn word- and no, I haven’t tried.

But basically,  I answer 11 questions, no-one reads them, and I pass a different 11 onto the next person/s…finish my sentence. But besides the joking, this is a way to bring bloggers together, so DO IT OR DIE! (But wait, it’s my go first, back off)

  1. What song best describes your life right now?

*Frantically locates iphone and destroys itunes search bar*

Initial overly-dramatic answer: See You Again- Wiz Khalifa.

Now this is not just because this Wiz guy/girl has a crazy-mc-crazersten name, as myself (Sukhi Ruparelia). Don’t even try. It is because of the STUPID S-E-V-E-N week summer holidays, meaning I haven’t seen my fellow amigos’ in d e c a d e s. And the line “i’ll tell you all about it when I see you again” seems of extraordinary relevance at this delicate point in my ever so sore life.

I would give some type of mella dramatic d e e p answer to this but the itunes charts aren’t offering me that particular option right now. Damn you Apple.

2. What’s one memory that you wish you could relive?

tumblr_lxzetbl4nz1qcbsgdo1_500_largeThe past. Welcome to dramatic central. I don’t believe in looking back at mistakes and changes you could or would of made steps to avoid; what’s done is done and there is not a thing on this earth which can change that. Learn from the mistakes made at present, learn from them now, and let them fade. Don’t dwell. It’s not going to change a thing.

*end of unpredicted and quite frankly unnecessary counselling session*

3. Nandos level of spice?

I don’t get Nandos. I never get asked how much spiciness I should allow myself. How is a girl to know. Please send help. End of examination.

4. Three things that you love about yourself

tumblr_n64uue4CJw1slpi32o1_500(1) My friends and family (yes they are part of my life, they are part of me. Leave.), (2) my ability to surprise myself (I’ll leave that open to interpretation…), and (3) my shoes…they are also a part of me. A girl has got to have her shoes.

5. If you could live the life of one fictional character who would you be?

A fictional character…like um, one of the fictional ones. Maybe a character from Eastenders. Hell, they get paid alot. *Completely dodges point of question*

But seriously…probably, I don’t know. Help.

6. Where is your happy place?


With my family/ in my bed. The two are inseparable. One simply cannot outweigh the other- except for the bed aspect.

7. What is your favourite quote?

*Frantic Google search of “inspirational quotes” returning “About 92,100,000 results”- shut up, Google.*

“You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.”

Just re-read that again.

No more to say. Inspiration sh*t works- curtsy of Google enterprise.

8. Winter or Summer?

tumblr_nr1c40SsWn1re3kvuo1_500Autumn. Yeah, I went there beach. It is just SO DAMN PRETTY! And does a shed load of good for my instagram posts. Follow me- self promo achieved. *Realises the World Wide Web is a large target, backs off*.

But a combo of the summer warmth with the winter setting and snow would be nice please.

9. One piece of advice you would give your younger self?


Calm. I am Calm.

10. If you could do one thing for the rest of your life with guaranteed success what would it be?

Be in love? No? Oh, okay. Next.

11. What makes you happy in 10 words?


Achieving something utterly unexpected with the benefit of other people. (BOOOOOOSH.)

IT’S OVER…to you. Here are:

liebster-5The Rules… (100% not copy and pasted)

Should you accept this award, here are the rules:

Acknowledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog where you were nominated.

Copy and paste the Liebster Award logo onto your own blog.

Link back to the blogger who awarded you.

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List 11 questions for your Liebster Award nominees on your blog.

Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.

I nominate for this ever so prestigious internet blogger award:Liebster-1

  1. RisaBerry
  2. Snack On Life, Freshie 
  3. Pastel Pixals 
  4. Not Girly, kinda Nerdy 
  5. Pastel Sparkles 
  6. My Fancy Notebook 
  7. Mute Style

And my ever so flash questions for those stated above are:

  1. What is one ambition in your life you feel you will never complete? (and why?)
  2. Is there anything you have strived to do but never have due to the influence of a factor you feel is uncontrollable? (i.e. afraid of judgement, lack of confidence)
  3. Biggest pet peeve? Why?
  4. Dogs or cats…or both?
  5. Have you any interesting hidden quirks?
  6. A job you hate with a high pay rate or a job you adore paying next to nothing?
  7. Personality over looks?
  8. What is the first thing you notice when meeting someone new?
  9. Desired future career?
  10. What made you get into blogging?
  11. Three things on your bucket list?

There you have it! If anyone, anywhere found some sense of interest in my somewhat desperate attempt at answering questions which quite frankly are beyond my level of understanding…I praise you! You’re stamina must not be undermined.

Thank you for reading, or whatever the hell you’re doing here!

S x


So, upon starting this magnificent specimen of a blog account (*cue huffs of sarcasm*) from the convenient location of my bedroom, I over-enthusiasticly expected 50,000 views a day and a minimum or 5,000 likes on each blog…okay slight exaggeration but guess what? IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Funny that…

I am now (4 weeks) older and (4 weeks) wiser, and able to understand the slow pace at which life and progress happens in this world, and realise I must seek alternate approaches. Approach 1: spend 24 hours a day begging for follows (sorry if you are one of many victims I have once targeted), or more preferably, approach 2: team up with another account at a similar stage.

When I say “team up” I do not meant merging accounts because (a) that is technologically impossible and (b) I am too selfish to go half. I simply mean we support each other along our journeys to world wide international internet fame. Well almost. My idea of this would entail becoming internet acquaintances (friendship comes next, obviously), bouncing ideas of one another and growing our account together. Perhaps this would mean liking/commenting on each others blogs (to make us seem vaguely popular), and giving suggestions as to our next blog topic.

If anyone is interested, please leave a comment below or if you are the shy type, email sjasmine02@hotmail.com or contact one of the social media links situated somewhere near the location of this blog- I have no idea where hence the next to non-existent explanation.

The lack of comments is clearly due to my deletion of all previous contact, obviously (*cries to self*).

If you have, haven’t or even never will read this blog, I thank you anyway.