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Fashion Craze: What is DERMAPLANING?

  • A physical form of exfoliation
  • Required the use of a surgical scalpel to gently shave skin’s surface, removing top layer of dead skin along with fine vellus hair


  • Triggers cell regeneration process
  • Helps to remove things like acne scaring and hyperpigmentation
  • Leaves skin with smooth, soft and radiant appearance


  • Those with excessive facial hair have been known to be dissatisfied with the result- dangers of skin under these conditions feeling sore and red
  • Hair can feel different upon regrowth
  • Ingrown hairs can be a frequent problematic occurrence
  • Sensitive skin may also be irritated and experience similar results

Those with excess facial hair are better of waxing, threading or considering laser treatment if they desire to remove the said hairs. For those with a hormone imbalance, dermaplaning is likely to not be the most advantageous option.

Did you know that the idea that shaving enables the removed hair to grow back
thicker and darker is a myth?