Are you the kind of person who i stuck in the 18th century but living in the modern day because same. i am lost and someone needs to rescue me because i cannot stop buying vintage belongings. I am literally obsessed with old cameras. i love them alot.

I recently purchased  the Polaroid instax mini 8 camera for my birthday, 28th February ( yep, put that into your diaries ). Before i purchased it i was reading up on all the latest blogs and youtube videos on the reviews and do’s and don’t s so i thought i would jump right into the band wagon and write my own.

thumb      tumblr_n4hi9gBjQ81szp6kso1_1280

I have it in baby blue ( my favourite colour ) but it also comes in raspberry, grape, white, pink, yellow and black. I believe it is the perfect size because it is small enough to slip into your handbag,  not too big to hold and not too heavy either. Fuijfilm are really onto a winner here.

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Tips and tricks:

  • Always check what setting you are on because this can result in your photo being fabulous or a disaster.
  • Do not put your finger over the flash even though it goes off everytime. If you would rather not have a flash then put duck tape over it.
  • Always carry spare film with you because you never know when you are going to run out
  • Do not open the back when you can still see the yellow tape because this means you still have film left.
  • and have FUN!

The film. Make sure you bulk buy because this way saves you alot of money. The film is very expensive but cheapest on eBay and Amazon. Normally averaging around at £1 per photo which is hella expensive, like what even?

tumblr_lyrktw2hMI1roe75no1_500   design is mine 6

Storing your photos is another important subject to think about. Whether you love to display or scrap book, either way they have to be safe. I personally store my pictures up on a pinboard in my room which i think looks really cute and cool. Others prefer to have them in a safe album which i also do. You could drape them along your room with string and pegs or put them in a photo frame. It is really up to you.

Make sure you have fun with your camera. It is such a great piece of equipment to have because for some reason i treasure my polaroids alot more than normal pictures off my phone. I do not know why we get a thrill from photos being printed out instantly.

Hope you consider getting this fabulously, greatly, amazeballs camera. ( yes i just said amazeballs )

Thank you for reading



Six Pack Saturday|| Abs or Flabs?

Just to clarify, I am not some macho body builder with a 96 pack- neither can I advise you on how to be. This is either because I am the living equivalent of a doughnut or it is physically impossible to obtain a 96 pack of anything other than sausages.

So why am I, a highly skilled couch potato, writing a fitness post? I asked myself the same question. But I reckon I could have a jolly good go at it, so here it is- my guide of rambling nonsense about the ins (and outs) of abdominal fitness.


Upon one of my un-motivational Sunday-days, I decided I would get a six pack. So I took the treacherous journey up to my bedroom, and did some sit-ups. As you can imagine I was highly disappointed when I awoke the next morning to find the same tyre of a stomach I had 24 hours ago. So I formulated a routine; which consisted of:

  1. 50 ‘normal’ crunches (legs on the floor)
  2. 50 ‘perpendicular’ crunches (legs raised 90 degrees to your body)
  3. 50 leg raises
  4. 50 V-Up crunches
  5. 50 bicycle crunches
  6.  …a plank.

Now for a couch potato, this was torture. Doing 251 individual exercises before bed meant I often fell asleep whilst planking- a rather awkward and frankly uncomfortable position to spend the next 8 hours in.

The first plank of the routine lasted 1:00, by which 60 seconds felt more like 60 years and left me looking like a 50 year old with severe sunburn. Never the less, my headphones and I managed to battle through, increasing the duration by a whopping 10 seconds each day.

Today is the 2 month anniversary of the routine (


So there you have it! My daily ‘fitness’ routine (ft. a shed full of useless jibber jabber about couch potatoes and sausages). Once more I sincerely apologise for the general nonsense I have just spent the last 5 hours writing, I hope it provides some vague interest!

Thank you for reading,

S x


Hiya and welcome to PlotTwist,

Lets get blogging shall we…

I am pretty sure we have all heard of Children In Need before, the British charity which is hugely successful thanks to BBC. So you must be wondering why i am making a blog about it. Well my fellow reader i will tell you…


Late 2013 ( i know like 2 years ago but lets go with the flow ) Sukhi and i where crazy enough to believe that we can help to raise some money for the desperate people Africa. So guess what we did? We got our pen and pads and put our heads together. We decided to put on our onesies, yes a all in one pyjama suit, and go for a walk in London.

Sukhi and I, 2013.

We hopped on train and made our way to the capital of England after several hours of mentally preparing ourselves for the humiliation we were about to experience. We walked from Big Ben to Buckingham palace and then went to madame tussauds. This really tired me out, like proper panting because i am so unfit.I had a wave at the Queen and a sit on the stone lions. Standing and posing with all the famous people in Madame Tussauds was also great, got my selfies with Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Beatles, Royal Family, James Bond, Shrek and many other amazing people. Luckily it was a gorgeous day for once but not so lucky for the idiots walking around in big fat onesies. ( that was us ).


I can ensure you that we did have many dirty looks, many stares, alot of comments plus we were boiling hot, like proper roasting. But hand on my heart it was 100% worth it. Sukhi and I can proudly say that we collected and raised £215.60. *inserts applauding sound affect*


The reason i decided to blog about this even though it was 2 years ago and we look awful in the pictures ( sorry about that ) is to encourage you all to go and do something for charity. It is so rewarding and makes me very happy. I literally walked around London and raised £100’s. Sometimes we just that little bit of motivation to get off your bum, turn off the TV and go outside and do something good for once. So consider this motivation. I challenge you to put your brain to work, think of something inspiring.  Let your imagination go wild! I BELIEVE IN YOU ! It would be great if you commented below what goals you have set yourself and you could bounce ideas off eachother!

Expect more charity based blogs because:

  • I want to work for charities when i am older so i am heavily involved with my aunties charity based in South Africa.
  • Sukhs and i have started to plan another event which will hopefully raise more than before. So look forward to a post about that. ( hint hint, it involves roller coasters and long hours )
” Abbie is raising money for BBC Children In Need “

I am not quiet sure how to sign off as this is my first post. I will be posting every Wednesday and Sukhi every Saturday. If you did like this blog ( i hope you did ) then stick around for more and go like and follow and comment what kind of posts you would like to see next on our channel. I love you, and hope you have the best day today.

Please bear in mind that Sukhi and I are going to have different styles of blogs to hopefully reach out to a larger audience. They will differ so stick with us ☺️☺️ please leave suggestions x


A x


As you can tell by the lack of ‘coolness’ and large blank pages, we are new to this!

Every teen has those crazy moments of “I’m going to start a YouTube account and become internet famous” or “I want to audition for X-Factor and meet Simon Cowell”…the difference between us and everyone else is that we are crazy enough to actually go and do it!

I feel it necessary to apologise in advance for just about every possible error that could ever be made when creating blogs like these; I can assure you I will make them all! (Well…isn’t this going well?=3)

Anyway, jumping away from the serious stuff… (^that was serious?!), funny story. Abbie came round earlier to help post our first blog. As you can tell, it didn’t happen, as 5 hours later I am still trying to write it!

We instead spent the first hour trying to change our profile picture, before realising we are on the wrong website. Then, the proceeding 30 minutes we spent adding links to all the wrong pages (which I still haven’t fixed- sorry to whoever now finds themselves attached to a page labelled “Plottwist'”, I’m sure you are mightily confused).

Following this we tried to write an ‘about’ page. Well…the clue is in the word “TRIED”.  Attempt 1 consisted of a disastrous essay about our names, which I decided were Ant and Dec (…don’t even). Attempt 2 came after an extensive web search- “how to write an about page when you are really rather basic and uninteresting”– which returned this:


I would much rather eat a spoonful of ketchup than sift through 3,780,000 DAMN RESULTS. So we ended up spending 2 hours writing our ‘about’ page ourselves. It is 5 lines long. We spent 2 hours writing 5 lines. That is 24 minutes per line. Which is roughly 1:30 per word. (Pray for me writing this blog!)

In total we spent 4 hours and 30 minutes: changing a profile picture, adding all the wrong links and writing a 5 line ‘about’ page.

What a way to spend the entirety of a ‘relaxing’ Sunday afternoon! I’ll have to come up with some cover story at school like “I was in LA meeting Joey Graceffa” or something. At least that way I sound vaguely ‘normal’…


Thank you for reading my rant/ ramble/ welcome passage to Plottwist’ (which is actually Plot Twist, but the domain wouldn’t allow spaces, bummer…), please leave comment below (or wherever the comment box thing is!), advice would also be much appreciated!


S x

Health, hacks, and everything inbetween.