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As you can tell by the lack of ‘coolness’ and large blank pages, we are new to this!

Every teen has those crazy moments of “I’m going to start a YouTube account and become internet famous” or “I want to audition for X-Factor and meet Simon Cowell”…the difference between us and everyone else is that we are crazy enough to actually go and do it!

I feel it necessary to apologise in advance for just about every possible error that could ever be made when creating blogs like these; I can assure you I will make them all! (Well…isn’t this going well?=3)

Anyway, jumping away from the serious stuff… (^that was serious?!), funny story. Abbie came round earlier to help post our first blog. As you can tell, it didn’t happen, as 5 hours later I am still trying to write it!

We instead spent the first hour trying to change our profile picture, before realising we are on the wrong website. Then, the proceeding 30 minutes we spent adding links to all the wrong pages (which I still haven’t fixed- sorry to whoever now finds themselves attached to a page labelled “Plottwist'”, I’m sure you are mightily confused).

Following this we tried to write an ‘about’ page. Well…the clue is in the word “TRIED”.  Attempt 1 consisted of a disastrous essay about our names, which I decided were Ant and Dec (…don’t even). Attempt 2 came after an extensive web search- “how to write an about page when you are really rather basic and uninteresting”– which returned this:


I would much rather eat a spoonful of ketchup than sift through 3,780,000 DAMN RESULTS. So we ended up spending 2 hours writing our ‘about’ page ourselves. It is 5 lines long. We spent 2 hours writing 5 lines. That is 24 minutes per line. Which is roughly 1:30 per word. (Pray for me writing this blog!)

In total we spent 4 hours and 30 minutes: changing a profile picture, adding all the wrong links and writing a 5 line ‘about’ page.

What a way to spend the entirety of a ‘relaxing’ Sunday afternoon! I’ll have to come up with some cover story at school like “I was in LA meeting Joey Graceffa” or something. At least that way I sound vaguely ‘normal’…


Thank you for reading my rant/ ramble/ welcome passage to Plottwist’ (which is actually Plot Twist, but the domain wouldn’t allow spaces, bummer…), please leave comment below (or wherever the comment box thing is!), advice would also be much appreciated!


S x