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I despise 'about me' sections because it means I've to lie about my extraordinarily exotic life that I currently do(n't) have but hey. That's the internet for you. So, I'm XX years old (yep, my DEAR mother just wouldn't let me expose that vital piece of information), I live in the glorious wet and downright miserable land of England, and have a blog page with a good few millions of (nonexistent) readers...or viewers, or whatever they're called on this strange sight. I'm new. Please pray for me. Thanks, bye.

White and Gold Espadilles~ RIVER ISLAND 

Price: £24, Purchased: Luton River Island, Date: 03/08/17


Fashion Craze: What is DERMAPLANING?

  • A physical form of exfoliation
  • Required the use of a surgical scalpel to gently shave skin’s surface, removing top layer of dead skin along with fine vellus hair


  • Triggers cell regeneration process
  • Helps to remove things like acne scaring and hyperpigmentation
  • Leaves skin with smooth, soft and radiant appearance


  • Those with excessive facial hair have been known to be dissatisfied with the result- dangers of skin under these conditions feeling sore and red
  • Hair can feel different upon regrowth
  • Ingrown hairs can be a frequent problematic occurrence
  • Sensitive skin may also be irritated and experience similar results

Those with excess facial hair are better of waxing, threading or considering laser treatment if they desire to remove the said hairs. For those with a hormone imbalance, dermaplaning is likely to not be the most advantageous option.

Did you know that the idea that shaving enables the removed hair to grow back
thicker and darker is a myth?


  1. SUCKING A SNAKE BITE WILL REMOVE VENOM – a venom delivering bite will immediately enter the blood stream. Sucking the bite will solely transfer more bacteria to the affected area and an addition into your mouth and esophagus. If someone gets bitten, low keep heart rate and lower limb below heart level …(and of course, go to hospital!)Image result for snake tumblr
  2. PLAY DEAD UNDER BEAR ATTACK – Unless in the your backyard, the general consensus is that one should quietly back away- otherwise in this situation (i.e. in yard or, for example, campsite) make yourself large and loud, which should will usually scare it off.In the case of an actual attack it is important to note a brown or grizzly bear attacks to defend itself or its cubs- thus noises and pretend charges are solely a warning tactic. In this case- back away from a defensive attack slowly. If the bear makes contact, play dead lying on your stomach with your hands over your neck. But in the rare case of a predatory attack, which comes with no warning (or if the bear seems to be stalking you), fight for your life.Image result for bear tumblr
  3. IF IN WILDERNESS- SOURCE FOOD IMMEDIATELY – One can survive up to six weeks without food (this is a estimate and dependant on starting point and existing heath issues, however shelter and water are priorities). Image result for wilderness tumblr
  4. IF LOST IN A DESERT- DRINK FLUID FROM CACTUS – Unless one is experiences enough to identify the correct type of barrel cactus than allows safe water filtration, you are likely to end up vomiting, thus releasing more precious contents…leaving you even more dehydratedImage result for cactus tumblr
  5. THE NORTH SIDE OF THE TREE HOSTS THE GROWING MOSS- the variable is environmental conditions, only this will affect the location of moss.Image result for moss tumblr
  6. IF AN ANIMAL EATS IT, YOU CAN EAT IT – easily proven wrong by the instance of birds and squirrels- many can eats nuts and seeds that would poison a human.Image result for squirrel tumblr
  7. IF SOMEONE IS FREEZING, RUB THEIR SKIN OR PLACE THEM IN A HOT TUB- Frostbitten skin is fragile and thus damaged by rubbing, hot water can be shocking or damaging for someone dealing with frostbite and hypothermia. Use blankets and hot water bottles (most effective placed under armpits) to warm up slowly. Image result for cold temperature tumblr
  8. IN THE CASE OF A SHARK ATTACK, PUNCH THE NOSE – targeting the nose of a moving shark is difficult- it is better to place a solid object between you and offensive shark (or if this isn’t an option, claw at it’s eyes and gills).Image result for shark ] tumblr
  9. IF CAUGHT IN RIP CURRENT, TRAVEL PARALLEL TO SHORE- Swimming directly parallel to shore works effectively only if the current goes directly out to sea –  it is a better idea to remain alongside the shore, but swim perpendicular to the current as much as possible “at an angle away from the current and towards the shore”.  Of course don’t tire yourself out too much; it shouldn’t feel like you are going upstream. If unable to swim out- tread water until this is possible.Image result for rip current tumblr