Why did you name your blog account…? Thai Tanic? Pita Pan?

Nin Com Soup. Mother Cluckers. Wok This Way. Pita Pan. Brewed Awakening. 

None of the above? Why is your blog account called what you called it? Did you spend h-o-u-r-s contemplating every word in the Oxford English Dictionary to find the only possible alternatives were those along the lines of ‘Hello I’m A Blog Account or ‘My Blog Account’? No? Oh. Just me then. I think they call it “Thinking Inside Of The Box”.


There are always certain “rules” for picking a name for whatever it is in this universe you are naming…a blog account, youtube, a babytoo far? Probably. But all are vaguely the same:

1. “The essentials: Short, catchy and memorable– easy to pronounce and spell.”

200px-LordOfTheFries_finalThis, my fellow (non-existent) friends, is why the majority of blog accounts are named “Lord Of The Fries” or “Thai Tanic”. Or worse still “Planet Of The Grapes”; which quite frankly are elongated, utterly child-hood ruining, and damn right memory illegal. But I love them, personally. And hate them, personally.

2. “The unspoken rules: avoid something similar to another already created invention”


My life. Just got. Justification. 

3. ”.COM”: Buy your .com

“Word Press: Create a FREE website.”

F-R-E-E. No pay. English speak. Okay. Onwards.

4. Discoverable vs. Brandable: Strategy? Relying on search engines? 

Quite frankly my life is strictly a ‘go with the flow’ zone. What is strategy. Perhaps

writing this blog is a strategy- because I will post it. TahDah. Strategy.

But in all seriousnessnessness, if you are serious about blogging, you might want to contemplate your life a little, and how to make it discovered by others. Not that I know a thing about that.

5. Be creative: Create your own word? Compound two whole words? (YouTube), use a phrase (Six Apart), blend smidgins of words together (Microsoft), tweak a word (Flickr).

So basically put down the dictionary, and pick up your brain…or a mobile phone. Either or. There are a million and two words out there, and about forty five and a half trillion adoptions of those and so on. Surely you can think of one? No, me neither.

Thank you for or for not reading this blog, either way I appreciate your presence, even if you are not aware of mine. *Sobs to self*

Til’ next Saturday,



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