Phobia Fever

Having a phobia to something means you strongly fear and dislike. Or in an informal dictionary an abnormal fear which describes me to be honest.

These days people and society judge you for what you love and hate. I am forever getting judged for my phobias because they are not the norm ( i hate that word so much, normmm EW. I actually think I have a phobia of the word norm ) Anyway, I have 4 main fears. Balloons, Electric shocks, bowling and Tomatoes.


Before i tell you about my experiences I thought it would be a great idea to suggest ways which may help your phobias.

  • keep a journal
  • create a fear ladder like a timeline
  • self rewarding
  • relaxing music and meditation
  • record your dreams
  • talk to people

I find that these help with associating your fears with good things and not all bad. Try them out!

My balloon phobia ( also known as Globophobia ) sprouted when I was around the age of 7. I was at a kids birthday party and obviously there were balloons. My uncle started chasing me around the hall and popping them as he went and at such a young age I was petrified and screaming and crying. I now, at the age of 15, cannot touch or go near balloons. They generally make me nervous. So thanks for that Uncle. Weirdly enough this is one of the most common phobias which  affects nearly 3% of the world’s population. FASCINATING!


Electric shocks I think Is pretty standard but I take it to the next level. Once I was shopping by myself. There was no stairs or anything just this one lift. I was alone and too scared to press the button to call the lift so I waited half an hour for someone to eventually walk over to the lift. I actually just stood there like a moron, what is life. So yes, sadly I have Electrophobia.

I know you are probably thinking “bowling”. How can you be scared of bowling? Well, as a young child I used to have the same nightmare, night after night. It was me bowling in an alley. These 3 butch men would always come and chase me with this giant bowling ball. It doesn’t even sound like a nightmare but I would cry everytime. It is so weird how a dream can influence your actual life and phobias.

bowling shoes

Lycopersicoa is the fear of tomatoes. I saved the worst one til last. My fear of the tiny red things is actually out of this world. Looking at it, Saying the name, hearing the name, even typing tomato makes me feel giddy so I am going to refer to it as Flamingo. I have never eaten a flamingo and only touched it once. Like today at school my friend got a bag of flamingos out of her bag and I walked out the room because I couldn’t deal with the stress. I have honestly never had a bad experience with a flamingo but I just hate them so much tHEY MAKE ME ANGRY!  Sorry I have calmed down now. 

All of my phobias show that you can get them from anywhere. A dream, childhood or even no where atall. And remember that people with all ages have phobias so you are not alone.


Please comment below what phobias you have and if any of the curing methods helps?

Thank you for reading



5 thoughts on “Phobia Fever”

  1. I ‘had’ a mirror phobia, it. Lasted for three years. The problem was that my house is filled with mirrors, so I couldn’t run away from seeing my reflection, my cure was just forcing my self to stay for a long time in front of the mirrors until this year, I got rid of that fear…. Just think of it…I couldn’t shower for more than 15 minutes!

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