Are you the kind of person who i stuck in the 18th century but living in the modern day because same. i am lost and someone needs to rescue me because i cannot stop buying vintage belongings. I am literally obsessed with old cameras. i love them alot.

I recently purchased  the Polaroid instax mini 8 camera for my birthday, 28th February ( yep, put that into your diaries ). Before i purchased it i was reading up on all the latest blogs and youtube videos on the reviews and do’s and don’t s so i thought i would jump right into the band wagon and write my own.

thumb      tumblr_n4hi9gBjQ81szp6kso1_1280

I have it in baby blue ( my favourite colour ) but it also comes in raspberry, grape, white, pink, yellow and black. I believe it is the perfect size because it is small enough to slip into your handbag,  not too big to hold and not too heavy either. Fuijfilm are really onto a winner here.

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Tips and tricks:

  • Always check what setting you are on because this can result in your photo being fabulous or a disaster.
  • Do not put your finger over the flash even though it goes off everytime. If you would rather not have a flash then put duck tape over it.
  • Always carry spare film with you because you never know when you are going to run out
  • Do not open the back when you can still see the yellow tape because this means you still have film left.
  • and have FUN!

The film. Make sure you bulk buy because this way saves you alot of money. The film is very expensive but cheapest on eBay and Amazon. Normally averaging around at £1 per photo which is hella expensive, like what even?

tumblr_lyrktw2hMI1roe75no1_500   design is mine 6

Storing your photos is another important subject to think about. Whether you love to display or scrap book, either way they have to be safe. I personally store my pictures up on a pinboard in my room which i think looks really cute and cool. Others prefer to have them in a safe album which i also do. You could drape them along your room with string and pegs or put them in a photo frame. It is really up to you.

Make sure you have fun with your camera. It is such a great piece of equipment to have because for some reason i treasure my polaroids alot more than normal pictures off my phone. I do not know why we get a thrill from photos being printed out instantly.

Hope you consider getting this fabulously, greatly, amazeballs camera. ( yes i just said amazeballs )

Thank you for reading



10 thoughts on “POLAROID || YAY OR NAY”

    1. Thank you! And yes, you replace the film the in the camera at the back. You get the packs which has 10 shoots in each pack. Once you have taken your 10 photos, you then replace it with another pack. I hope this helped! All the instructions are on the sheet when you get the camera but any more questions, feel free to ask X


  1. hi! This one’s a really good read. But personally I think it’s more economical to buy the instax printer since you’ll have a more decent pictures there and you don’t have to worry about the lighting and everything. But what’s instant cameras without surprise right? You just have to experiment stuff, everything is a good picture anyways since it has its own story.

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    1. I agree, my sister has the printer because she has to be perfect and wants her pictures to be just right whereas i just snap away and laugh if they go wrong! Thank you for reading .


  2. I really want one but the expensive film put me off. Great to know your amazon trick. Love your blog would be lovely if you checked out mine 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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